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Take the Lead with a Leadsinger Karaoke System & Leadsinger Microphone

No more singing backup, it’s time for you to head to the front, grab the Leadsinger Mic and take the position of lead singer on the karaoke stage. Best of all, on your way to the top you don’t have to worry about tripping over cords, bumping into bulky machines or having to find the right karaoke music. Instead, with a Leadsinger Microphone in your hand, you can enjoy the freedom of wireless karaoke.

The Leadsinger Karaoke System eliminates the need for tangled microphone wires, screens, CD players and speakers. Instead, the Leadsinger Microphone is an all-in-one karaoke microphone, player and machine. With Leadsinger Karaoke, all you have to do is simply plug the system into your television and start singing your favorite hits.

The Leadsinger Karaoke Microphone replaces catalogs of CDs with a small song chip containing up to 2,058 of the best musical favorites. All you have to do is slide the Leadsinger song chip into your Leadsinger Mic, push Play, and start singing. The Leadsinger Karaoke System has a diverse selection of Leadsinger music chips to choose from, including Leadsinger Karaoke English song chips, Tagalog song chips and foreign language song chips. Better yet, all the microphones are completely compatible with all Entertech song chips.

Karaoke with a Leadsinger Karaoke System doesn’t get any better. Not only can you easily adjust the key, tempo and echo of your Leadsinger Mic, you can also compete against other karaoke singers. After each song, the Leadsinger Microphone gives you a score based on your karaoke singing skills.

So what are you still doing standing in the background singing backup vocals? You have the easy to use and completely adjustable Leadsinger Microphone in your hand. Isn’t it about time you move up and take the spot of Leadsinger? Visit our karaoke store and get a Leadsinger Karaoke system today.