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Experience Extreme Magic Sing Karaoke with Magic Sing Song Chips and Magic Mic

Magic Sing Karaoke is the latest craze to hit the karaoke scene. With Magic Mic Sing Along, there’s no longer a need to spend a fortune on a karaoke system and bulky portable karaoke machine. Instead of having to spend the money on – and find the room for – bulky sound machines, numerous CD binders and a CD player, with the Wow Magic Sing karaoke system you can fit all your karaoke equipment into the palm of your hand.

Brought to you by Magic Microphones: The Magic Sing Karaoke Mic combines the CD player, microphone and sound system all into one high-tech microphone. Instead of having music scattered over hundreds of CDs, with Magic Mic Sing Along you can store thousands of songs all onto one compact song chip, which holds every one of your favorite karaoke hits and easily slides into your Wow Magic Sing or Magic Sing Microphone.

With Magic Sing Song Chips you won’t get bored singing the same old Magic Sing Along karaoke songs over and over again. Our song chips come in a plethora of varieties, including English language, Tagalog and even foreign language versions. You can get magic sing chips featuring specific themes or genres, including country, holiday and rock. More so, unlike traditional karaoke CDs, the Magic Mic Chip is easily transportable and highly durable against damaging scratches. All our song chips are compatible with the Wow Magic Sing, Magic Singalong and EnterTech Magic Sing and Leadsinger karaoke systems.

Together, Magic Sing Karaoke and Magic Sing Song Chips have developed a new way of doing karaoke. Our wireless Magic Sing Microphone and a compact song chip take karaoke up an octave, to say the least. Instead of just experiencing the magic of singing, with the Magic Sing Mic and Magic Mic Chip, it’s extreme magic sing time. And if you can’t buy one today, then why not consider signing up for our karaoke rental program.